The Sonship of Christ


Why is Christ called both “God" and the “Son of God” in Scripture? In Ty Gibson's new book, The Sonship of Christ, you will discover an answer so simple you'll wonder why you never saw it before, and so beautiful it will take your breath away. Along the way, Gibson creates a whole new theological lens through which to interpret the Trinity versus anti-Trinitarian debate that has been raging through much of Christian history. 


“When we read the Bible as an unfolding narrative—as the big story it actually is—with key characters played out in an overarching, intentional plot line, the meaning of the Sonship of Christ becomes unmistakably evident.” 

—Ty Gibson



Ty Gibson is a writer of things beautiful about God. He has authored numerous books, articles, scripts, and theological studies probing the character of God as revealed in Christ. He is lead pastor of Storyline Church in Eugene, Oregon, Co-director of Light Bearers, and a primary teacher for the ARISE Discipleship School.


WHat people are saying


“Breathtaking! Groundbreaking! Beautiful!”

—James Rafferty, Co-director, Light Bearers



The book is brilliant. Simply brilliant.Ty Gibson offers an insightful and illuminating treatment of The Sonship of Christ, carefully unfolding Scripture’s teachings with consistent attention to the overarching, covenantal, story of the Bible. In so doing, Gibson paints a gripping and stirring picture of Christ’s Sonship and why it matters, which corrects a great many misunderstandings and brings to the surface many gems that are often overlooked.

—John Peckham, Associate Professor of Theology and Christian Philosophy, Andrews University



“The Sonship of Christ is epic! It prompts the heart to recognize that God is the divine reminder of our inherent worthiness in Christ.”

—Tacyana Nixon, Graduate student, Creativity and Innovation



I simply cannot contain my enthusiasm for the message of this book. Ty’s approach to the ancient question of the simultaneous Divinity and Sonship of Jesus Christ is refreshing, biblical, and, to me, entirely persuasive. I pray this book gets the widespread attention and affirmation it deserves. The Sonship of Christ is, above all, a joyous exploration and celebration of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. Thank you, Ty!

—David Asscherick, Pastor, Kingscliff Adventist Church



“Finally! We have a book on the nature of God that appeals to the head and the heart! Reading this work educated me theologically while simultaneously inspiring me personally. If you want a deeper revelation on the beauty of the character of God, read this book now!”

—Myron Edmonds, Pastor, Grace Community Church



“In the debate about the Trinity, we need The Sonship of Christ. Instead of compiling proof-texts, this book traces the significance of the Son through the books of the Bible, illuminating the rich troves of meaning in texts we often skim over. Reading it will draw you past the noisy debates and will deepen your appreciation of the gospel. I highly recommend this book as a work of biblical theology.”

—Kessia Reyne Bennett, Discipleship Pastor, College View Church



“Wow! It's like those optical illusions that are impossible to see until you see it, and then it's impossible not to see. It just seems so obvious that it is astounding that it has not been outlined before.”

—Paul Geelan, Vice President for Administration, North New South Wales Conference



“The Sonship of Christ is absolutely brilliant. I love how the book pulls back the curtain on the narrative of Scripture and places this important topic within the framework of that narrative. I found my heart jumping for joy as I encountered the beautiful picture of the unfolding story, and how Christ's sacrifice—and especially His Sonship—contributes to the restoring of the universe to a place of security and freedom.”

—Shawn Brace, Pastor, Bangor Adventist Church



“Amazing! This makes SO much sense. Not only does it bring clarity to this theological issue, it makes the gospel that much more beautiful!”

—Manny Arteaga, Pastor, Kaleo Adventist Church



“Amazing! In typical Ty Gibson style, The Sonship of Christ paints a big, beautiful picture of God. This book is brilliant!”

—Brendan Pratt, Ministerial Secretary, Australian Union



“This book is absolutely phenomenal. It is a work of first-rate theology. My soul is stirred.”

—Nathan Renner, Pastor, Sonora Adventist Church



“No exaggeration, I contemplated the mind blowing contents of this book for days. Ty challenges not only anti-Trinitarian beliefs but boldly redefines and clarifies what the Bible teaches about the nature of God. No matter what side you’re on, this body of work is well worth the read.”

—Kimberly Bulgin, Worship Pastor, Grace Community Church



“This is a fresh, new approach to the Sonship of Christ. Much original thinking, yet perfectly true to Scripture. The title is accurate, but understated. The Sonship of Christ is the central organizing point that lays the foundation for the book, but the implications of Christ's Sonship amount to a comprehensive treatment suitable for a college or Seminary textbook. Yet despite the depth and breadth of the subject, the book is written in a relaxed, easy style that is eminently readable.”

—Jerry Moon, Professor of Church History, Andrews University



“AMAZING!!! Seriously, this is one of the most amazing books I have ever read period. Everyone who believes in Jesus needs to read this book. It is so good, I don't even want to put words to it for fear of cheapening what’s currently happening in my heart. This thing right here is “wow.” Every single chapter is rich. The entire narrative of Scripture comes to life. The Trinity debate is placed on entirely new ground. In fact, I feel this book changes the debate altogether. Trinitarian vs anti-trinitarian debates always take place on the metaphysical battlefield and consequently end up nowhere. You have changed the location of the battlefield and consequently changed the battle. It is nothing short of brilliant. This book is one virtuoso performance of theological and meta-narrative bliss.”

—Pastor Marcos Torres, Pastor, Western Australia



“Once I began reading, I couldn’t put The Sonship of Christ down. WOW! This book is truly stunning. Ty has unearthed an undeniable truth regarding the eternal nature of Christ and His covenant-son relationship with the Father. If you have ever asked how Jesus could possess underived life and still be called God’s “Son,” you will find the crystal-clear answer from Scripture in this amazing book. Without doubt, the exposure of this truth will have a profound impact on Christendom.”

—Shelley J. Quinn, Author, Speaker, and 3ABN Program Development Manager



“In his book, The Sonship of Christ, Ty Gibson takes a fresh, yet biblically sound approach, of deriving a fundamental understanding of the Godhead as the narratives of Scripture reveal it; specifically the role of Jesus as humanity's Second Adam and Son of God. The result is one of the most beautiful and coherent presentations of the character, ministry and love of the Godhead that I have read in a long time. Please read this book! It will open your heart to a deeper appreciation of our God—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

—Pastor Jonathan Walter, Vice President of Programming, GYC



“This book is a fine example of how deeply biblical and theological reflection may help answer important questions regarding the person and identity of Jesus Christ. Written in a lively and accessible style, Gibson makes a clear case for Christ’s full, co-equal, and co-eternal deity, by examining biblical evidence on the meaning and theology of Christ’s sonship. Gibson’s book comes at a time when interest in the doctrine of Christ is rising. His book is an important contribution and should receive the widest exposure possible.”

—Darius Jankiewicz, Professor of Historical Theology, Andrews University



“In this book, Ty Gibson has painted one of the clearest pictures of God’s love I have ever read. I am convinced that The Sonship of Christ will totally transform the way you see Scripture and breathe new life into what it means to be a child of God!” 

—Garrison Hayes, Pastor for Generational Ministries, Community Praise Church



“The Sonship of Christ is very, very good and needs to be published around the world.”

—Woodrow Whidden, Retired Professor of Theology, Andrews University